Cash + Equity Alpha: Diving Deep into the Picton Mahoney Fortified Market Neutral Alternative Fund

Published: May 14, 2024
Author: Picton Mahoney Asset Management

Navigating today’s complex financial landscape requires a nuanced approach to investing. With interest rates fluctuating, stock and bond markets moving in sync and a handful of tech giants dominating the headlines, finding stability can be a challenge. Investors need innovative solutions that can protect and grow their wealth, and offer potential returns regardless of market conditions. Market Neutral investing is a strategy worth looking at: one that aims to provide steady returns in an unpredictable world.

Let’s break down the challenges we’re facing:

1. Interest Rate Uncertainty

The U.S. Federal Reserve’s decisions greatly influence markets, but predicting their moves has become trickier. With the economy showing surprising resilience and inflation stubbornly persistent, the room for interest rate cuts seems to be shrinking.

2. Equity Market Divergence

A small number of big tech and AI companies (known as the “Magnificent Seven”) have been driving market gains, creating a gap between the performance of these giants and the broader market. This concentration poses risks for investors.

3. Rising Stock and Bond Correlations

Historically, stocks and bonds provided diversification benefits. But recent times have seen them move more in tandem, especially as inflation and interest rates fluctuate. This challenges the traditional wisdom of balanced portfolios.

So how does Market Neutral investing work?

Essentially, Market Neutral strategy involves both buying (long) and selling (short) stocks simultaneously, with the goal to cancel out market exposure.

Imagine a seesaw. On one side, you have stocks you think will go up (long positions). On the other side, you have stocks you think will go down (short positions). By balancing these out, you can create a portfolio that’s generally not affected by overall market movements. And the cash generated from short selling can be held in the portfolio, contributing to returns.

Here are some key potential benefits of a Market Neutral strategy

Interest Rate Carry

When short-term interest rates are high, the cash position in Market Neutral strategy can act like a floating rate loan, capitalizing on higher yields.

Stock Selection

The strategy aims to pick winning stocks (long positions) and identify losers (short positions) through a blend of fundamental and quantitative analysis. This approach aims to generate positive returns regardless of market direction.

Minimal Market Exposure

By staying market neutral, this strategy seeks to deliver returns that are uncorrelated with broader market movements, providing a stable investment option.


In short, Market Neutral investing offers a different approach – one that can navigate market uncertainty while potentially generating attractive returns. The Picton Mahoney Fortified Market Neutral Alternative Fund, with its five-year track record of success , is a compelling option for investors seeking stability and growth regardless of interest rate and market fluctuations. Talk to your advisor to see if it’s worth considering as part of your investment mix.

Data table for the Picton Mahoney Fortified Market Neutral Alternative Fund

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