Constructing better portfolios

We believe that investment advisors can construct better, more resilient portfolios for clients by adding alternative strategies to the mix.

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Our strategies

Our investment team uses a disciplined, consistent and repeatable process to
design alternative investment strategies that uncover sources of alpha and
enhance investor portfolios.

Our story

We re-engineer investments for the future by designing funds and constructing portfolios that leverage the power of alternative strategies. Our approach blends art and science, creativity and technology, innovation and research.

We’ve been challenging the investment industry status quo since 2004, and we’re blazing a trail for Canadian investors seeking better risk-adjusted returns.

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Who we are

Leaders in alternative strategies

19 years

Portfolio management specialists

43 people

Total employees

140 people

Assets under management

$10.4 billion CAD

(As at March 31, 2024)

The BARBELL approach

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Strengthening investor portfolios with BARBELL

We believe that a fortified approach to portfolio construction is fundamental to helping investors achieve their investment goals with greater certainty. To help advisors build stronger, more resilient investor portfolios, we have compiled a tip sheet of 7 actionable ideas we call the BARBELL approach to portfolio construction

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Continuing Education

New to the world of alternatives? Master the essentials of alternative strategies with our educational series for advisors. Expand your toolkit, learn on-demand and earn CE credits.

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