Enhance returns

If the goal is to enhance returns, there are a number of different strategies to consider. Enhancers are a category of alternative strategies that mainly aim to amplify the returns, or mitigate the risks, of investing in a traditional asset class, thus achieving better risk-adjusted returns.

Enhancers target exposure to the same risks in traditional portfolios but seek to deliver better outcomes.

Different types of enhancers

Long Short Equity

Equity-like return potential with lower volatility, while seeking to mitigate downside risk.

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Long Short Credit

A fixed income strategy that aims to maximize total return to investors through income and capital appreciation by investing primarily in corporate bonds, while mitigating capital loss through shorting and other hedging strategies.

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Active Extension

Similar volatility to traditional equity markets, with an extended opportunity for return potential.

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Enhancers are one of two broad categories within Picton Mahoney’s proprietary framework that helps investors zero in on their goals and prioritize what is most important to them. The other category is Diversifiers.

A goal-based framework for understanding alternative investments

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There is no guarantee that a hedging strategy will be effective or achieve its intended effect. The use of derivatives or short selling carries several risks which may restrict a strategy in realizing its profits, limiting its losses, or, which cause a strategy to realize or magnify losses. There may be additional costs and expenses associated with the use of derivatives and short selling in a hedging strategy.