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Portfolio Management Team

The Portfolio Management team at Picton Mahoney is guided by—and committed to—our founding principles: offering solid risk-adjusted performance through authentic hedge fund strategies. Our firm is 100% employee-owned and all senior partners and Portfolio Managers invest in our funds alongside our clients. We are on this journey together—and we are prepared for what lies ahead.
  • President and CEO

  • Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income

  • Co-Head Equity Strategies, Head of Portfolio Management & Trading

  • Portfolio Manager, Merger Arbitrage

  • Portfolio Manager, Canadian Small Cap Equities

  • Portfolio Manager, U.S. Equities

  • Portfolio Manager, International Equities

  • Portfolio Manager, Head of Fixed Income

  • Portfolio Manager, Merger Arbitrage

  • Portfolio Manager, Head of Multi-Strategy

  • Portfolio Manager & Director, Quantitative Research/Risk

  • Portfolio Manager, Multi-Asset Strategies